V Wars: What is Netflix’s vampire series worth?

Netflix officially released its vampiric series: V Wars on December 5th. The war between humans and vampires is declared on the platform. Watch out for fangs. We looked at the whole first season, that’s what we thought.

V Wars: V for Vampire or Virus….

We are in New York, far from myths and fantasy. A mysterious and terrible virus, residing in the polar ice, is accidentally released by researchers.This new highly contagious disease is transmitted quickly and easily.

Contaminated individuals develop certain superhuman abilities… but above all, they want to feed on human blood. Dr. Luther Swann is trying to understand this new virus. But things get complicated for him when his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) comes into contact with the disease. The victims of this epidemic became the “Bloods”, a new and growing breed. The American government decides to take radical measures to fight this newly born “evil”. Luther, for his part, was looking for a way to fight the virus and at the same time face an extreme, even totalitarian government.

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